(Patoka Meadows)

  1. These Protective Covenants shall apply to all of the Properties as provided in the Declaration. They shall also apply to additions to the Properties unless the Developer shall specifically except from these Protective Covenants such additions or a portions thereof in the Supplemental Declaration by which the Developer subjects such additions to the Declaration.
  2. The lots designated as residential in Crawford County, Indiana shall be used for residential purposes only. No business, rental units or commercial activity shall be allowed to be conducted on or from any such lot, unless the lot is designated as commercial property by the Developer or majority votes of the members. Except for the business of the Developer in furtherance of its sales program.
  3. Only one (1) single family dwelling shall be erected on each lot. Each dwelling shall contain not less than nine hundred (900) square feet of heated and enclosed floor space, and one (1) full bathroom, exclusive of porches, garages, terraces, and patios. In addition to the dwelling only one (1) detached garage or storage building may be built contemporaneously with or after construction of the dwelling house, but not before.
  4. All dwellings' exteriors must be approved by the ACC and be designated as "Rustic" fitting with the development's theme.
  5. No mobile home, modular home, trailer, or similar structure shall be allowed on any lot. No trailer, mobile home, or any other type of movable home, basement, tent, or garage shall at any time be used as a residence on said property.
  6. No basement, foundation, or unfinished dwelling shall be used for residential purposes, and no dwelling shall be occupied until construction has been substantially completed. Construction of a dwelling shall be substantially completed within nine (9) months from the date of commencement, unless the time for completion is extended by the ACC upon application and good cause shown.
  7. No lot shall be re-subdivided, provided, however, nothing herein contained shall prevent the owner of two or more adjoining lots from considering the combined area of the two or more lots as one building lot, in which event, the set-back lines for building purposes and the easements reserved for utilities shall be construed and interpreted to apply to the outside lines of the two or more combined lots and not to the line which is common to both lots or the interior lines of the lots, if more than two combined. If two or more lots are combined under the provisions of this paragraph, they may not in the future be re-subdivided.
  8. Driveways must have culverts of sufficient size so as not to restrict the drainage of ditch line, properly installed and covered with stone. Within one (1) year from the date of completion of construction of a dwelling on a lot in the subdivision, a driveway to said home must be paved with concrete or asphalt.
  9. Natural water or drainage course or surface drainage may not be altered as to adversely affect any adjoining lot or lots. Maintenance of water and drainage course across lots shall be at the owner's expense.
  10. Unless otherwise designated on a subdivision plat, all buildings shall be set back at least thirty (30) feet from the center of the roadway. No building or dwelling shall be constructed closer than ten (10) feet to a side lot line. In addition to the easements retained by the Developer in the Declaration, a utility easement is retained for the benefit of owners of lots in the subdivision six (6) feet to the left, right, and parallel to all common side lot lines in the subdivision.
  11. All homes shall have a sewage disposal system approved by the Patoka Lake Regional Water and Sewage Company. No mineral solvents, hydrocarbon substances, or acids shall be discharged into any septic drainage system, storm drain, or any other open surface.
  12. Water wells shall not be allowed.
  13. No animals shall be allowed in the subdivision, with the exception of domestic dogs and cats.
  14. No noxious or offensive activity shall be permitted on any lot or parcel of land in the subdivision, nor shall anything be done thereon which shall be or become an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood.
  15. No lot or parcel of land in the subdivision shall be used or maintained as a dumping ground for rubbish, trash, garbage or other waste, including but not limited to, junk or inoperable or unlicensed automobiles, boats, trailers of any sort, and household waste, which shall be kept in sanitary containers. All such containers or other similar equipment for the storage and disposal of garbage or waste materials shall be kept in a clean and sanitary condition.
  16. All dwelling houses erected on lots or parcels of land herein restricted to residential use only shall be constructed in a good and workmanship like manner and shall be maintained at all times in a good state of repair. Any exposed block foundations shall be faced with stone, "cultured stone", stucco, or other material approved by the ACC.
  17. No private basketball posts, goals or nets shall be allowed on individual lots.
  18. Any fences constructed are subject to approval by the ACC.
  19. After a home is completed, a lot must be well maintained, which shall specifically include keeping any lawns well mowed no higher than four (4) inches; no accumulation of weeds and tall grass; and, the removal of dead or damaged trees or limbs promptly. Should an owner not properly maintain his lot, the Association, after giving the owner appropriate notice and an opportunity to rectify the situation, shall be allowed to perform the required maintenance and charge the cost of that maintenance to the individual owner, plus a ten percent (10%) administrative fee. Such costs may be collected under the collection mechanism of Article X of the Declaration.
  20. No live trees with a circumference of over twelve (12) inches will be allowed to be cut without the express consent of the ACC.
  21. No damming or obstruction of creeks or streams shall be allowed.
  22. Residents who own motor homes, camping trailers and boats shall park or store each vehicle in a manner as not to distract from the total visual impression and which is consistent with the environment and fitting of the rustic theme.
  23. Visitors with motor homes, camping trailers and boats shall follow the same rule (22). Any vehicle that will be visiting more than seven (7) days must have permission of the ACC or Developer.
  24. No motorized vehicles, such as motor bikes, four wheelers, three wheelers, dirt bikes, or similar vehicles shall be allowed on walking trails or common areas, except the Developer's use for upkeep and maintenance.
  25. Motorized, wheeled vehicle activity such as golf carts, four wheelers, and mopeds, to and from park, common areas and lake shall not exceed ten (10) miles per hour within subdivision and shall have working headlights and taillights, and the lights must be used from dusk to dawn.
  26. There shall be no hunting or discharge of any firearms within the Patoka Station LLC, Patoka Meadows Development property at any time.
  27. Upon purchase of Lot or Lots owner shall plant a minimum of two trees per lot within the first nine (9) months.
  28. Owners of any lot shall provide adequate off street parking facilities for vehicles of guests and occupants of each residence.
  29. Rubbish, garbage and other waste shall be kept in sealed sanitary containers concealed from view of roadways and removed from the premises to appropriate disposal site. Disposal of hazardous or toxic substances are prohibited.
  30. Outside lighting must not violate other residents' areas. Dusk to dawn, mercury vapor lighting is prohibited.
  31. All signs are prohibited in areas designated upon any recorded subdivision plat as residential, except:
      Signs erected by the Association for identification of streets, traffic control and directional purposes;
      Signs of a temporary nature advertising property for sale and construction signs which shall not exceed five (5) square feet in area; and
      Signs erected by the Developer in connection with its sales program.
  32. No provision of these Protective Covenants shall preclude the Developer in furtherance of its sales program from erecting, maintaining, and utilizing model houses in area designated upon a recorded subdivision plat as residential for such purposes as it may consider necessary during its sales program.


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